#NoJudgement Fitness Classes
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#NoJudgement Fitness Classes

#NoJudgement Fitness Classes

Our No Judgement Fitness Class ethos is the same as our body positivity ethos; start where you are and forget about everything else.

Our No Judgement Classes are about starting where you are. Forget about fitness goals, forget about forcing yourself into positions that don’t feel good, and let go of trying to make sure that every move you make is a carbon copy of the instructor’s, instead focus on where you feel good, focus on moving how you want to move within the setting you are in. That’s not to say that some things won’t be challenging, but it gives you the opportunity to approach the way you approach yourself differently. It gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with wherever you are and build on that. It helps us become more aware of the thoughts we have that help us, and the thoughts that hinder us.

That is the aim of the no judgement fitness class.

We have worked to select fitness formats that could be adapted for different abilities, formats that nourished emotional wellbeing and formats that didn’t make class participants feel overly self-conscious or as if they “couldn’t”.

Online Zumba

Low impact and packed full of fun. Join us for  a 45 minute Zumba Gold Class.


A drumming inspired workout that is about more than lifting, endurance, and sweat; it’s about movement and empowerment. It's about bringing your whole self to the moment, however that moment might be. It's about being unapologetically you.

This class is best suited for those that can keep up with the pace of a class and not for anyone with serious illness, health issues or injury.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga gives us the opportunity to practice ease and comfort so we can let go into our own strength. Using props like cushions, towels, blankets and, of course, a yoga mat. We get together for one hour a week to relax and breathe.
Restorative Yoga is suitable for all ages and all levels of yoga experience (from total newbie to guru).

Donation Based Classes

Thank you so much for contributing to our donation based classes. By participating you agree to our t's and c's which you can find here.

Want to make a donation without attending? Oh, go on then!