Our African and Middle Eastern Inspired Vegan May Selection Box, laid out on a wooden platter Coconut Rosewater Fudge squares, Persian Baklava and Date Scone Quenelles. Surrounded by a white flower

Vegan May Selection Box

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Treat yourself this May with our Vegan May Selection Box, bringing flavours from around the world to your table.

Your Vegan May Selection Box contains:

Rosewater Coconut Fudge topped with roasted Pistachios  (V)

Persian Baklava Cake, lightly spiced cardamom cake with an orange blossom syrup made with locally sourced ethical honey (V)

Date Scone Quenelles, Shaped into quenelles and made with juicy medjool dates (V)


Rosewater Coconut Fudge: Nuts - Pistachios

Persian Baklava Cake: Nuts - Almonds


 Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Refined Sugar, Sesame Seeds & Wheat